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Coffee with black pepper

Coffee, one of the oldest drinks that alwaysWas very popular at all times. On the Arabian Peninsula, it came from the territory of northern Ethiopia, where in the period from the fourth to the sixth century AD there was the ancient kingdom of Aksum. On


The Liberian coffee tree can reach heightsUp to eight meters. It was first discovered in the 18th century in the forests of Liberia. Hence the name of Liberia. A few years later, this kind of coffee trees was discovered in the forests of the Cote d'Ivoire,

Coffee Ambassador - five lines of perfection?

Perhaps, every lover of coffee knows the brandAmbassador - coffee, produced under it, is abundantly presented on the shelves of stores. However, few people know that the Ambassador brand belongs to the Swiss company Sucafina S.A. This alone means that

Coffee with mint Cooking recipes: 3 ways

Coffee with mint - a drink for an amateur. The fact is that mint is rich in menthol and essential oils, which, if not properly dosed, can drown out the true taste of coffee. But do not let this stop you, because you follow the prescription exactly


Robusta is the second most popular type of coffee. This type of coffee, or rather coffee trees was opened in the basin of the Congo River. It is also characterized by a high enough caffeine content. It is often used in coffee blends to give an additional strength.

How to foaming milk for cappuccino coffee at home, if there is no coffee machine with a capuchinator

Figures on milk foam in a cup of coffee delight andEncourage to create a similar masterpiece at home. In bars and coffee houses milk is foamed with the help of a steam generator (a cappuccinator) of a coffee machine, and what if you do not have such a miracle of technology? It turns out,

Coffee Robusta - strong temper, laconic taste?

Robusta is the second most common speciesCoffee, which, however, is in high demand even though its flavor and aromatic characteristics are noticeably inferior to the recognized leader, Arabica. So, if arabica has a tender and mild taste, then

How to brew coffee in a French coffee maker

T. to. In an electric coffee machine a filter is used, it is necessary to use coffee beans of very coarse grinding for brewing coffee - it can be up to 0.8 mm so that they do not percolate through the filter, and most importantly - its pores are not clogged. Coarse Coffee

Liberia - the most beautiful coffee tree and the most fragrant coffee beans?

Liberia is the third most important gradeCoffee in the world. The main varieties, Arabica and Robusta in coffee mixtures are often supplemented with it, however, as an independent variety in the production of coffee, the liberal is practically not used. The main advantage of this variety -

"Black card" - independent success of the coffee brand?

The trademark "Black Card" was createdCompany "Golden Dome" about 10 years ago. Initially, the assortment of coffee, presented under it in the Russian market, was very small, but the brand began to quickly gain popularity, due to which the choice of coffee varieties