How to prepare coffee?

A huge number of people around the world can notImagine your life without a wonderful invigorating coffee. It is with him that his morning begins a large half of the world's population. However, many ignorant or lack of time prepare coffee not quite according to the rules, so they deprive themselves of a really strong, rich and fragrant drink.

Ways of preparing coffee There are different. But the main principles we want to highlight in this article. In order to make the drink tasty, you should always choose the best quality grains. They need to be kept not in the cupboard, but in the freezer. Grind the grains you need only as much as you need to brew, but do not have to do it in reserve. In addition, it is necessary to use a hand mill. It retains more flavoring and flavoring substances contained in grains.

The smaller the grinding of fried grains, theMore taste and aroma of them can be pulled. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the proportions that it is desirable to observe. Of course, the strength of the drink can be controlled by the amount of coffee, but if you follow all the rules, you can get an amazing taste, typical for this recipe.

An important role in different waysCooking coffee plays water quality. Best for coffee is clean, fresh, unboiled water, without impurities, rather soft. Coffee is not brewed, it is like brewing tea. This indicates that in no case should he begin to boil either in the process of preparing it or in the process of heating it. Otherwise you will not get a fragrant invigorating drink, but something not very pleasant.

For brewing, you can use dishes made of porcelain, glass, steel or silver, but not in any case utensils made of aluminum or iron, which will spoil the whole taste.

If the process seems to you too time consuming and taking too much time, it is better to go and order good coffee at a coffee house or restaurant, and for a house to buy a capsule machine.