Features and benefits of carob infusions

Features and benefits of carob infusions

The purpose of the carob infusions isRapid preparation of coffee beverage from natural ground grains with high pressure steam. This method of preparation was invented by the Italians, who gave him a sonorous and self-explanatory name for "espresso", which in fact means "fast". Traditional filter cages for coffee powder in coffee machines of this type are replaced with special horns made of metal or plastic. Directly before brewing, the prepared coffee powder is poured into the horn and carefully compacted. It is interesting that some domestic coffee lovers interpret the term "espresso", as the presence in the technology of preparation of the drink is precisely the procedure of "pressing".

Due to the fact that in the carobThe steam passes through the powder and the filter with small cells under very high pressure, as a result of this coffee releases the maximum volume of aromatic substances. To preserve the original smell, the ready-made beverage is dispensed, usually in slightly warmed-up cups. At the same time, the best taste of "espresso" is achieved if the cup is heated to a temperature of 40 degrees.

Virtually all carob coffee makers are suppliedSteam exhaust pipes or special nozzles for the preparation of "cappuccino" - a coffee drink with milky foam. To get milky foam, it is enough to substitute a cup of milk under the nozzle, from which hot steam comes out, and press the desired button.

It should be noted that the quality of the drink,Made using a carob coffee machine, depends not only on the specific grade and degree of grinding of coffee beans, but also on the material from which the horn is made, and also on the ability to properly compact the powder. In the event that the coffee powder is compacted too much or not sufficiently tightly, the taste properties of the drink will suffer fairly. Correctly compact the powder is possible only with the help of a pistil, the dimensions of which exactly match the size of the horn. In this case, the material of the pestle itself, the quality of the drink does not affect.

As for the material of the horns, in the metalCoffee is warmed up perfectly, resulting in a drink of the right thick with a rich taste and lush foam. When using a plastic horn, the beverage turns out to be slightly underexposed and seems somewhat watery. It has a light-colored foam and sour taste, which appears even when coffee powder is used from the grains of the most expensive varieties.

Speaking about the advantages of carob coffee makers, you can notNot to say a few words about their operational safety. On the control panel of any modern device of this type, there are necessarily indicators of network connection, water level and coffee temperature. If there is no water in the coffee machine tank, the safety device will not allow the device to be turned on. When the water temperature reaches the set level, further heating stops in automatic mode and the control lamp goes out. When the water is overheated, the coffee machine turns off automatically. To ensure that the water vapor pressure does not reach dangerous limits, the carob makers are equipped with a special valve, which is designed to release excess pressure. Thus, it can be concluded that the carob coffee makers are not only very convenient to work with, but also absolutely safe.