5 reasons to put in an office coffee machine

5 reasons to put in an office coffee machine

Who does not want to stand out as a special quality inNumber of other colleagues? And than a cup of coffee chill autumn, a frosty winter or a cool spring day - not the same "zest", which will certainly appreciate the customers?

Coffee is not just a drink revered by millions,He became the subject of the birth of a whole culture - a culture of receiving true true quality coffee. Here, in fact, the first and the main reason to get your own (on temporary or permanent basis) coffee machine in the office. Because a cup of coffee is a universal means of communication, a personal compliment to each client and, of course, one of the factors of forming a loyal attitude of employees to the employer.

Although there are a number of other reasons to put such a technique as a new generation of coffee machines in the office.

2. The benefits of the drink: the scientists found that taking coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver, it is also proved that it improves the memory functions, the work of the cardiovascular system (in a limited amount - 4-5 cups a day), and this, not to mention how coffee Raises the mood, tones up.
3. Economic benefit: many companies offer the rental of such equipment on a free basis - provided that the tenant agrees to buy coffee wholesale from the landlord (coffee is needed for cooking anyway, so it is difficult to note the benefits of this proposal);
4. Guarantee the quality of the drink: and again about renting. It is possible to get a new generation car and replace it with moral or physical deterioration without any financial loss. In other words, here the user has all the "cards in hand": free rent of a coffee machine, its maintenance, quality coffee for employees and customers, pleasure for everyone.
5. And, finally, returning to the quality of this drink: according to statistics, only 10% of the world's population does not like coffee (if we talk about adults). Accordingly, coffee for potential and current customers, partners, investors, employees is an actual idea in any office: the branch of a bank or an insurance company, the office of a psychologist or a lawyer, the reception of consultants on various issues.

Of course, the implementation of such an undertaking is a matter requiringResponsible approach. On the one hand, to find the landlord of a coffee machine today is a matter of 10 minutes. On the other hand, his choice will determine the success of the idea, as well as the quality of the equipment used. You can not at first pamper the customer's coffee, and then deprive him of this pleasure, while the machine for weeks waiting for repair.