Caf? Minceur - French slimming coffee?

Caf? Minceur is produced by the French company Arlor Natural Scientific, founded in 2008 year. This company was formed as a result of the merger of two laboratories dealing with beauty issues. Their main developments are in the field of skin rejuvenation and maintenance of harmony. Caf? Minceur is designed for the second - It is a food supplement that should be used in conjunction with a reasonable diet and exercise.

Caf? Minceur has a number of properties that contribute to weight loss:

- acceleration of metabolism, burning of stored fats;
- increase in energy costs;
- removal of slags, unsplit fats, water from the body.

Manufacturers state that when using Caf? Minceur guaranteed weight loss per month is 1.84 kg. Caf? Minceur is a soluble coffee, available in cans, as well as small packages that are designed to prepare 1 cup of drink.