Dallmayr - German coffee from the Munich House of Delicacies?

Dallmayr is more than just a big name inIts sphere. For three centuries already, the Dallmayr trading house has been supplying delicacies and is considered a true mecca for gourmets from around the world. Once Dallmayr supplied its products directly to the court of the Bavarian kings. Today, the company maintains a respectable image, continuing to follow the traditions of the highest quality.

The history of Dallmayr as a producer of coffeeBegan in 1933, thanks to Conrad Werner Ville, a specialist in coffee from Bremen. He came to Munich with the proposal to create a special coffee department in the house of delicacies Dallmayr. In fact, Ville created a new coffee brand - he personally controlled all stages of work, from the purchase of raw materials and roasting coffee to its implementation. At that time, Dallmayr coffee was only delivered to restaurants and hotels, it was almost never seen in retail.

In less than 10 years, it was the sale of coffeeFor Dallmayr one of the foundations of business, however, in the post-war time the brand had to endure not the best of times. Almost to the 50-ies coffee was sold only on the black market, in legal sale it simply was not. Nevertheless, in the early 50's Dallmayr regained the status of the largest House of delicacies, and the enterprise itself was completely restored.

After the war, the production of Dallmayr coffeeA new level. Already in the early 60-ies in Munich was opened a large coffee factory, which became the largest production in its field in southern Germany. Coffee Dallmayr quickly gained popularity, and pretty soon the brand became one of the most sought-after in Bavaria.

Only in 1985, the coffee industryDallmayr became independent. Shortly thereafter, the company entered the international level, and today Dallmayr remains one of the leading coffee brands in Germany, as well as a brand that is chosen by thousands of gourmets around the world.

The assortment of Dallmayr coffee includes groundAnd grain coffee of varying degrees of roasting. Coffee lovers are offered a large selection of exquisite blends made either from pure Arabica, or from a mixture of Arabica and Robusta. Each blend is a unique fragrance and taste, a rich drink, a pleasant aftertaste. Coffee Dallmayr belongs to the highest price category and thus enjoys well-deserved demand. Dallmayr is considered one of the best European coffee brands.