Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The famous coffee that got itsName due to the area on which it is grown, or rather the mountain slopes on the island of Jamaica. The eponymous mountain range does not have a large area and is located in the eastern part of the island of Jamaica. Coffee blu mountain - this is one of the highest-altitude coffee in the world and, despite the fact that most of the world's coffee beans are measured in bags, Blue Mountain is packed into special kegs.

This species can be reliably classified as eliteSorts of coffee. It has a balanced combination of taste and aroma, moderate acidity, nutty taste. This is one of the most expensive in the world of coffee varieties. All the subtle notes and peculiarities of taste can be noticed only if coffee beans are freshly fried. As for the international market, Blue Mountain can hardly be called easily accessible. More than ninety percent of total purchases by Japan. Almost everything else goes to the United States of America.

The huge popularity of coffee bluestone has become the reason for the open actions of scammers, who, for example, confer this name on any coffee that was expressed in the territory of Jamaica.

Coffee should be bought only in green formReliable seller. Particular attention must be given to the first time, when you do not even know how to live it can be. Risks to buy a fake now several times greater than the chance to buy the original.

Also, many companies, trying to cash in on the raysFame, can give out for Blue Mountain coffee second-rate or completely rotten grains. That's why you should be very careful when making a purchase, ask the seller for all the necessary documents, including customs, which will help to clearly answer the question: where were the grain brought from.