Milk coffee Jeannette

Milk coffee Jeannette

Ingredients for milk Jeannette For 2 portions:
4 teaspoons of fine coffee,
250 ml. Milk,
1 yolk,
A little cognac,
condensed milk.

How to make a milk coffee Jeannette:

For preparation Dairy coffee Jeannette It is necessary to pour a cup of boiling milk in 1 cup of milk and cover it for 5 minutes on low heat.
After cooling, strain and whip with cream, egg yolk, condensed milk and sugar.
Ready to cool in the refrigerator.
Add a little cognac.

Serve Milk coffee Jeannette Recommended in ayrish-glass.

Coffee history: Eric Fromm, the famous English philosopher, once admitted in an interview that he was simply delighted with coffee with milk and 2-3 spoons of thick cherry jam. This amazing drink, he says, makes him forget about all the troubles and worries and carelessly enjoy life.