Original gifts and souvenirs with coffee themes

Original gifts and souvenirs with coffee themes

When we want to please a loved one, weWe are looking for original gifts or souvenirs. Souvenir, translated from French, means "remembrance". And its main task is to keep a memory of the place where you visited, or about the person who gave this item. How to choose a souvenir that would come to the soul? In order not to puzzle over ideas, it is worth mentioning the topics that interest the gifted. Today we will give you examples of presents for coffee lovers.

Clock. Unusual execution is offered to us by the Italian designers of the Antartidee factory Mauro Montermini and Roberto Fioriolio. Their wall clock "A cup of coffee" has a profound philosophical meaning. They remind us how important every moment of life is, that you need to appreciate every moment. After all, who knows how much coffee is still available for us ... Stylish, elegant, appetizing - the clock is suitable for both office and home.

Wall clock "Cup of coffee" MIX will become a bright accent in the interior of the coffee maker. An interesting feature is the arrows. The spoon plays the role of the big arrow, and the cup handle is small.

For those who do not imagine their own life without coffee andLoves his unique smell you can give a gel flavor. It will fill the air of the car with a familiar fragrance and create a unique atmosphere of comfort, coziness and warmth.

This is not a simple cup of coffee - it's a lamp. The original flashlight with a soft flowing light is very nice. Such nyashechka will please your blonde girlfriend, a lover of all pink.

How much small parts in our life play. They talk about style, supplement the image, emphasize the status. One of such details can be the cover for the passport "For lovers of coffee." It is pleasant to hold in hands, it reminds you of your favorite drink, it creates mood.

For a man, you can watch a cigarette-case with the original inscription: There is no better means of stress than a cup of coffee with a cigarette.

For the hostess, an apron with coffee themes, kitchen towels with cups of coffee, hooks will perfectly suit. Especially stylish, they will look in the kitchen in brown tones.

Supplement such souvenirs can be flavoredCandles and means for skin care and hair based on coffee. Theme gift should make a vivid impression. And if you want to do something with your own hands, then the coffee topiary - the decorative tree of happiness from coffee beans, will be an excellent choice.