Coffee maker zelmer 13Z013

The coffee machine «Zelmer 13Z013» isA semi-automatic coffee machine, which is ideal for making espresso coffee. This apparatus differs in its maximum developed structural and functional features. For example, the machine has a removable compartment, designed specifically for waste, which greatly simplifies the process of use.

The coffee maker is equipped with a heatedAllows you to avoid scalding the cups with boiling water, maintaining a real coffee flavor, and an accurate calculation of the dosage of the drink is determined by the built-in regulation of the portions of the hot water supply.

In addition, this model of the coffee machineControls the strength of coffee, allows you to prepare cappuccino, monitor the indicator of the inclusion, feed at the right time, hot water, steam, protect the work from water and protect against excessive overheating. A new nozzle, invented exactly for this model, and provides the most delicious cappuccino. This is also helped by another innovation - a tank for whipping milk.

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So, the main features of Zelmer 13Z013, it is a thick foam, formed with the help of the "crema" system, the "Thermoblock" system, programming, cup heating and stainless steel.

Considering the merits and demerits of this coffee machine, you can identify a lot of all kinds of moments.

For example, the "pluses Zelmer 13Z013" of this unit- this is its price, beautiful design, sustained in a certain style, ease of management of the coffee machine, taking into account the minimal impact of its most necessary functions. Penka in coffee, welded by this machine, it turns out so perfect that to say that there can be a better option is simply impossible. The only thing to remember is that the coffee machine is in steam mode. At this point, you need to prepare a cup of water, which will be merged with water, pouring before the supply of steam. After that, the milk foams, the same cup is substituted, the steam regime is turned off, which provides prevention of clogging of the cappucco pipe (when it is switched off - a pipe can suck some liquid).

The "Zelmer 13Z013" minus the device alsoThere are - for example, it can leak water when used. In addition, the metal body of the device can collect fingerprints of the user, not to mention the fact that he can feel "electric vibration" in the event of his driving on the body by hand. Another fact - coffee can be not too hot, and the machine itself too "thinks" for a long time before releasing the steam when whipping the milk. Well, the last moment is a nozzle for foaming milk. Manufacturers of other coffee machines and coffee makers make sure that the use of these elements is not even foreseen. This machine uses such a nozzle, respectively, requiring constant washing.

Corresponding to all the "pluses" and "minuses" of this device,We can conclude that the coffee maker is not so bad, to pay attention only to some of its positive and negative qualities, each user chooses for himself the main points. But, in principle, the device is still quite a good machine for home use.