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Bosch TCA 5201 - simple and reliable coffee machine?

The experience of producing coffee machines in Bosch is muchless than for the titled manufacturers, specializing in the manufacture of such equipment. However, Bosch managed to create a model that is characterized by the best combination of price and quality: at really low cost Bosch TCA 5201

Coffee grades. The main criteria for choosing coffee according to its grade

Qahwa (coffee) is translated from Arabic as"a drink of vivacity." According to an ancient legend, the invigorating qualities of coffee beans were discovered in the south-west of Ethiopia, in a small province of Kaffa, in honor of which later this popular oriental drink was named. Prepare coffee

Recipe for toning coffee

Smile, drinking a cup of toning in the morningcoffee, because it is not just a drink, but a balm that stimulates the human body and possesses a mass of positive properties. Caffeine, contained in coffee, prevents skin cancer, cosmetic products on its basis prevent the occurrence of

Robusta coffee - features of cultivation and differences with arabica

Everyone has his favorite coffee. Someone - a mug of habitual soluble-sublimated, someone - a cup of a loose coffee from the office machine, someone drinks exclusively cooked in a Turk. But few people think about it - but from what is prepared such a

"Peter the Great" - the original Russian coffee?

Production of coffee "Peter the Great" was startedabout 15 years ago by the company "Kuppo", and during this time the brand managed to gain a certain popularity among Russian coffee makers. "Kuppo" independently makes coffee blends, offering consumers a wide choice of coffee grades, this producer

Original coffee with cream

Choosing a recipe for coffee, you need, beforein total, take into account that the number of ingredients can vary. After all, everyone has his own taste. Therefore, the preparation of coffee is a creative process, and each time a drink with new interesting notes is produced. To achieve a rich

How to use green coffee

Recently, along with the usual more and morepopularity is gaining green coffee. It is endowed with a whole bouquet of valuable properties and qualities. In fact, it's the same coffee, just not past the stage of roasting the grains. You can use green coffee as in

Kitchen furniture from Italy brings comfort to the house!

Choosing kitchen furniture produced in ItalyItalians have always been legislators in the fashion trends of both fine art and interior design. Exquisite style of the kitchens of Italian masters will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty. Recently, the Italian cuisine

Coffee with Irish cream

To begin with it is necessary to be engaged in preparationfresh coffee, it is best to use fine coffee so that the drink does not get too much bitterness. After cooking, add whiskey to taste. Separately, whisk in a shaker fresh chilled cream with a fat content of at least

Coffee Copies fluff: way of cooking, taste, prices

Practical every real coffee gourmetheard, and perhaps tried the famous coffee "Luvak". This coffee has many names, the most popular are: "the most expensive" "elite" "premium" "animal drink" "drink of the Gods", etc. Where and how to make coffee lover