Coffee Paulig - brand history and assortment overview

The founder of the legendary coffee brand Pauligis Gustav Paulig. Before opening to the whole world an amazing line of flavors and flavors of the Paulig series, Gustav had to work hard. At first he tried himself in different spheres - the company Nokia, trade (spices, salt, sugar, alcohol, etc.). Paulig had an entrepreneurial "vein," which later played to his advantage. Already in the early 80's, he issued his first logo, which is called "R". Under this logo it was meant that all the goods in his company are of exceptionally high quality. After the death of Gustav for the "rudder" of the board his wife Bertha gets up, who later quickly bought up the network of coffee shops "Nissen" and a number of cafes. She was an excellent leader, so Paulig received the universal love of the inhabitants of Finland.

How it all began?

At the beginning of the 20th century the enterprise launchedown production - green coffee beans. A little later the company thoroughly engaged in coffee business and proceeded to roasting grains using new technologies proposed by John Arbuckle. Gustav's company is the first to start packing grain in small containers (first 0.25 kg and 0.5 kg, later 0.1), since earlier coffee was packed exclusively in bags of 5 kg. At its 25th anniversary, the company introduced the first brands of Paulig, Juhla and Presidentti, to coffee lovers. The Gustav plant introduced a novelty - ground coffee, which was appreciated by a large number of consumers. After a while, the ownership of the company passed to the son of Gustav Eduard Paulig. It was with the arrival of Edward that a revolution in the coffee industry occurred, because he owned innovations and a lot of ideas.

Success of Paulig

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Paulig's company was rapidly gaining momentum, andquality was still at a high level, which of course liked consumers. The son of Edward - Henrik was as talented as his father, he actively contributed to his contribution to the family business. Together with my father they created a "hot line" for buyers to give all sorts of advice, they produced books with recipes, arranged thematic parties. After 10 years, the company makes a huge step forward - creating the Institute of Coffee, which functions to this day. Further, advanced technologies for roasting and packing of coffee are actively introduced. A few years later, the company buys a coffee factory in the UK and assigns it the name Paulig. In 1993, the company opened another company in Tallinn. In the period from 2006-2011, three more organizations are opening, one of which is located in the territory of the Russian Federation. Paulig has always adhered to innovations, and also sought to increase the range offered, focused on the buyer, creating new technologies. His company's motto was: "Learn the best taste."

Assortment of coffee Paulig

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  • Juhla Mokka - has a pleasant aroma and mild taste. Juhla Mokka like to buy tourists as a gift, as this brand is one of the first created company. Finns believe that it is he who is able to attract a large stream of guests. The variety is very popular and has a second variant (tumma paahto) more roasted.
  • Presidentti - for its preparation of grainbring from the best coffee plantations of Brazil, Costa Rica. The world famous for the drink due to the amazing taste, aroma and incomparable aftertaste in which there is a slight bitterness. Perfectly raises the mood, even with daily use is not able to get bored with a rich palette of flavors. There is a stronger variety of the presented variety, which is also no less popular among gourmets.
  • Brazil is a patented variety andis manufactured exclusively for Finland. It belongs to the ecological kind, since the environment does not get any harm when it is produced. The drink turns out to be quite saturated with a pleasant tart aroma.
  • Kulta Katriina - is a "gentle" roasting procedure, respectively, the cooked coffee has a delicate slightly sour taste and a "bright" flavor. The fortress is medium, there is a slight bitterness.
  • Fin Mokka - soft roast, composition of 100% Arabica.
  • Hieno kahvi - in its mild taste Kahvi is similarwith the American. Finns themselves prefer to use this variety without any additives in the form of cream, milk, etc. The drink has a very unusual, but at the same time with nothing incomparable flavor.
  • Robert Paulig is able to perfectly cheer up inThe morning hours or after a hard working day, giving strength and energy. It is preferred by the majority for a delicate aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. Also there is a second kind of stronger, which is considered more sharp, but nevertheless enjoys an increased demand among gourmets.
  • Black Label and the brand of Presidentti Gold areluxury line, which is made from elite coffee beans, passed strict quality control. Welded coffee has a thick strong taste and a slight bitterness. Only the fragrance is able to awaken and cheer up on a cloudy day.
  • Parisien Coffee - which means "Parisian", to get special sensations experts recommend using this grade exclusively with high-fat milk or cream.
  • Meira Saludo Coffee - a very common variety, consumed daily by a large number of consumers. The drink is fragrant, perfectly invigorating, has a light chocolate flavor.