Original coffee with cream

Choosing a recipe for coffee, you need, beforein total, take into account that the number of ingredients can vary. After all, everyone has his own taste. Therefore, the preparation of coffee is a creative process, and each time a drink with new interesting notes is produced.

To achieve a rich taste of coffee, lightlya hot Turk mix coffee with sugar. Then add warm water and boil the coffee on a very slow fire. Bring coffee to boil several times, then the taste will be more vivid. Boil coffee is not necessary.

At the time of the first boil in coffee adda small pinch of ground black pepper and two crumpled boxes of cardamom. The main thing is not to go too far with pepper, as coffee with cream should still have a mild taste.

Also, during the preparation, in the coffee can add a few pieces of chocolate. This will make the drink more dense.

Separately whip the cream with sugar. Cream must be chilled. You should choose cream with a high fat content of 30-35%. The ratio of cream and sugar whipping is 2: 1, respectively. To achieve a better effect, use not sugar, but powdered sugar.

At the final stage of preparation of coffee with cream, the ready-made drink is poured into cups, and topped with whipped cream.

If coffee is pre-cooled, then the creamcan be eaten with a spoon, like ice cream. And if the cream is put on hot coffee, then they melt, and you will get a cappuccino. Top of the cream is decorated with cocoa and grated chocolate.