Dell Arabica - monosort and coffee blends of exceptional quality?

Coffee Dell Arabica produced by CorsinoCorsini S.p.A., which is one of the leaders of the Italian coffee market. The factory, owned by the company, is located in Florence, and this coffee production was the first in the world, concentrated on the production of mono-ships.

Today this enterprise processes about 2.5t coffee every year, offers a huge range of blends and coffee blends, about half of its products are sold through restaurants, coffee shops, bars and cafes in Italy. The company delivers coffee not only to the Italian market, but also to many other countries of the world, and everywhere the coffee brand Dell Arabica is associated with exceptional quality, impeccable aroma and taste of an invigorating drink.

It all began about half a century ago, whenCorsino Corzini decided to establish his own company, engaged in the production of coffee. This was the way the family enterprise was set up, which has been offering exclusive coffee to customers all over the world for several decades. The company selects coffee beans with all possible severity, strictly controls the roasting and packaging process of the product, due to which the quality of this coffee is consistently high. Preferring medium and gentle roasting, Dell Arabica retains not only the depth of flavor or softness of taste, but also the flavor characteristics of coffee from a particular country.

The assortment of coffee presented under the brand name DellArabica, is gradually expanding, and today the manufacturer offers several groups of varieties at once. Among them there are mono-grades (coffee of one sort, collected from the same plantation in one period), organic (grown without the use of chemical fertilizers) and decaffeinated coffee, as well as coffee blends made of the best sorts of coffee. Finally, apart from other types of coffee, the company sells grain varieties Jamaica Blue Mountain - coffee growing on high-altitude plantations is higher than all other varieties, and due to this exceptional taste and aroma.