DeLonghi Bar 12F - the minimum functionality and the favorable price?

Semi-automatic coffee machine DeLonghi Bar 12F -this is a convenient preparation of espresso, simplicity and reliability in use. The coffee machine is equipped with separate boilers, the volume of the water tank is 1 liter, the maximum working pressure is 15 bar.

Such characteristics are considered quite decent,However, DeLonghi Bar 12F has more than affordable value. The low price is explained by the fact that this model has minimal functionality: from the additional options you can call the indication of the inclusion and water level, the possibility of simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee, the possibility of manual cooking cappuccino. DeLonghi Bar 12F does not even have a display, but with this functionality it does not need it - the operation of the coffee machine is quite convenient without it.

Among the advantages of DeLonghi Bar 12F can be attributedaffordable cost and attractive design. This coffee machine is compact, easy to clean, it can cook a truly delicious and aromatic espresso. However, when preparing a drink with the help of this device, it is necessary to take into account several important nuances. Firstly, in order to get a good result, you need to warm up the cups for coffee and the coffee machine itself (you can do this by running the "idle" cycle without falling asleep coffee). Secondly, it is better to take quite expensive coffee - to make a good espresso from cheap varieties DeLonghi Bar 12F, as, indeed, any other coffee machine, simply can not.

Among the shortcomings DeLonghi Bar 12F isattributed a high level of noise and vibration in operation. However, it should be noted that such problems arise for owners of almost any semi-automatic coffee machines. So, DeLonghi Bar 12F becomes a fully justified choice, especially given the low cost and high reliability of this model.