DeLonghi EC 750 - an affordable and high-quality semi-automatic coffee machine?

DeLonghi EC 750 is a semi-automatica coffee machine that can use both ground coffee and coffee in the pods. The coffee maker belongs to the average price category, but it has good functionality, is reliable and convenient to use.

DeLonghi EC 750 - this is a fairly modest size,which will allow you to install a coffee machine in almost any kitchen. The maximum pressure of 15 bar allows it to quickly prepare a delicious coffee. DeLonghi EC 750 is equipped with a cappuccino, but the preparation of cappuccino is also semi-automatic.

A coffee machine can cook two cups of coffee at once,has a self-heating for cups, as well as a removable tray for collecting drops. DeLonghi EC 750 is metal, which is an important advantage for many users. In general, the coffee machine gives the impression of quite reliable, but it is better to use the cappuccinator as soon as possible - many users are the first to fail. A coffee machine can not only prepare cappuccino foam with a special horn, but also heat the milk. It is not difficult to use it - the control of the coffee machine is intuitive.

To the merits of DeLonghi EC 750 can be attributedattractive design and affordable price, high reliability and functionality. Among the shortcomings most significant is that the coffee machine is very noisy when working. However, for most owners of such coffee machines it becomes not so big a disadvantage, especially taking into account the existing advantages.