Ecaffe - affordable and quality coffee in capsules?

Ecaffe is Italian ground coffee,supplied only in capsules. In the production of coffee Ecaffe uses only the best coffee varieties, and in the blend is not only arabica, but Robusta. Thanks to this, the invigorating drink becomes stronger and acquires new, sharp and spicy notes.

In production Ecaffe is usedSouth American arabica, as well as Indian robusta. Ecaffe coffee blends are made in such a way that not only to reveal the aroma and taste of coffee, but also to offer the coffee gourmet a truly unique drink with its own character.

In the line of Ecaffe coffee blendsseveral blends, each of which has certain characteristics. In particular, in the assortment of Ecaffe you can find decaffeinated coffee, a mixture of increased strength and, on the contrary, blends that have a gentle and soft taste and aroma.

When buying Ecaffe capsules it is important to take into account thatthe fact that they can only be used in coffee machines of the Caffitaly system. Each capsule contains 8 grams of ground coffee and is an almost perfect package, allowing you to fully preserve the aroma and taste of fresh coffee.

In conclusion, it should be said that Ecaffe -this is a relatively affordable coffee, for which, among other things, characterized by high quality. It fully corresponds to the idea of ​​what a real Italian coffee should be and can be a good choice for true connoisseurs of an invigorating drink.