Pottery on your plate

Pottery on your plate

We are what we eat. This was claimed by the ancient Greeks and was right. After all, it is with food in our body that all the substances necessary for development, growth and daily activity get to us. But often it happens that even, it would seem, quality products can harm and even cause various diseases. The reason for this is poor quality, and sometimes even dangerous, utensils, which we use to prepare and store food.

Way out

One solution to this problem was the development ofa fundamentally new coating for dishes - a ceramic composite. This coating is endowed with all the advantages of conventional ceramics, and besides, it has excellent non-stick properties. It can withstand heating up to 450C, while not releasing any substances hazardous to human health. In its essence, it is molten sand, which is produced on the basis of modern technologies.

Buy a ceramic pan, frying pan orother kitchen utensils are now quite simple. Innovative ceramic coating is positioned on the market as completely natural and resistant to mechanical damage and overheating. Such coatings are produced by a rather large number of manufacturers under different brands: Ecolon (FryBest, Brener), Ceramit (TVS), Excilon (Gipfel, Maestro), Greblon (Giaretti), Thermolon (Green Pan), Keravis (Ballarini), Ceramica (Moneta ) etc.

Why ceramics?

Such dishes are not only ecological, but also sustainableto mechanical damage, easy to clean and looks great. And ceramics does not lose its properties - it does not bubble and does not break even when it overheats. In addition, the cooking time in such dishes is greatly reduced.

You can buy a ceramic pot not only withthe purpose of using it for cooking. In such dishes you can safely store food that is strictly not recommended to do with the usual aluminum or traditional non-stick utensils. Storage of products in eco-friendly dishes does not affect their quality and taste.

Kitchenware, having a ceramiccoating Ecolon or any other quality manufacturer, characterized by the absence of harmful substances in the composition, which makes them completely safe. Even with strong heating, such dishes do not have toxic emissions. Also, it is very unpretentious in the care and durable compared to traditional kitchen accessories.