Coffee in admiral: classic with cognac - a recipe, cooking features?

Lovers of good coffee and good cognacprobably have to taste the coffee in an admiral. It is known not so much the recipe for the preparation of this drink as the way it is used: it is drunk, constantly adding a cognac to the cup, until there is not a drop of coffee left. Of course, you should drink this drink slowly, enjoying its taste, immersing yourself in memories of the house, reflecting or leading a leisurely conversation with intelligent people.

Cooking tips

Coffee in Admiral is one of the most noble andrefined beverages, so if you spoil it, it can even make a small mistake. To avoid this, use the recommendations below.

Soluble coffee never compares to its qualities with natural. If you try to make a drink from it, then it will not be coffee in an admiral, but a parody of it.
Quality should be not only coffee, but cognac. If necessary, it is permissible to replace brandy or scotch tape, the main thing is that they are of high brand.
Fortress coffee prescription is not regulated, so it can be made stronger or, conversely, easy relative to the specified in the recipe.
Addition of sugar in coffee in an admiral way is not provided under any pretext.

Also I want to warn you that as a result, youwill drunk not just a cup of coffee, but a bottle of cognac. From such quantity of alcohol it is difficult not to get drunk. For this reason, it is not good to drink coffee in the morning or at the height of a day's work.

The recipe for coffee in an admiral way


ground coffee - 12 g;
water 100 ml;
cognac - to taste.

Cooking method:

Pour coffee into the Turk, pour water into it.
Put on a quiet fire and wait until the liquid in the turk begins to boil.
Remove the Turk from the fire, wait for the foam to fall off, and return to the fire until the next boil. Repeat this procedure one more time.
Strain the coffee and pour it into a small cup.
Add a teaspoon of cognac to the cup.

Pour cognac into the cup as it is emptied. In this case, consider that the maximum amount of cognac in this case should not exceed 0.2 liters, although it is better to stop earlier.

Coffee in admiral is a drink, when you use it you need to know the measure.