Coffee in Algerian: with a mixture of cream and liquor - 2 recipes?

The culture of African peoples for many of theinhabitants of the European continent remains a mystery, and traditional dishes - exotic. But not at all coffee in Algerian. Despite the fact that its taste is unique, it is unlikely to seem to any of the Europeans too exotic. Its main ingredients are coffee, cream and egg liqueur, the mixture of which provides a unique taste of the drink.

Features of preparation

If you want to get the right coffee in Algerian, it does not hurt to take advantage of the recommendations of a professional barista.

The taste and aroma of natural and instant coffee is not identical. For the preparation of coffee beverage in Algerian, it is natural coffee that is brewed in the Turkish.
To keep coffee longer its aroma, it needs to be stored in grains, grinding the required amount immediately before brewing the drink.
The rules of making coffee in the Turks presuppose bringing it to a boil, but not boiling. To drink was stronger, bring it to a boil you can 2-3 times.
The order of adding ingredients to the cup is no less important than their ratio. Recommendations for this, set out in the recipe, must be paid attention.

Serve coffee in Algerian small portions.

The recipe for coffee in Algerian


Ground coffee - 8 g;
water 120 ml;
egg liqueur - 4 ml;
cream - 40 ml.

Cooking method:

Cook the black coffee in the Turkish. Drip cold water to precipitate the foam.
Mix the liquor and cream, spread over the cups.
In a thin trickle, pour in the coffee, trying not to get a sediment in the cups.

On top, you can lightly powder cocoa.

Coffee in Algerian with whipped cream


black coffee - 120 ml;
sugar (not necessarily) - 5 g;
egg liqueur - 40 ml;
whipped cream - to taste.

Cooking method:

Cook black coffee, with sugar or without, strain it.
At the bottom of the bowl, pour in half of the liquor, add a little whipped cream.
Pour in the coffee, decorate with whipped cream and pour out the remaining liquor.

This version of coffee in Algerian is more sweet and festive.

Coffee in Algerian is a drink with an unusual but pleasant taste, which will appeal even to those who do not like exotics.