Coffee with ginger for weight loss: how to brew and drink properly?

One of the most effective beverages for losing weightginger tea is considered - the root of ginger contains phytoncides and a number of essential oils that accelerate metabolism. In addition, the ginger itself has a very bright, rich taste - because of this drink with such spicy dulls the feeling of hunger. You can use ginger not only with tea, but also with coffee - there are a number of such recipes.

How to cook coffee with ginger for weight loss

The easiest way to make coffee with ginger is to grate a small part of the ginger root (1-2 cm) on a fine grater, add it to the ground coffee and cook the drink in the usual way, in a Turk.

To make coffee with ginger for a more complex recipe, you will need 1-2 cloves, coffee, ginger, 0.4 liters of water and 0.4 litersmilk. In cold water, add spices and 2 tsp. ground coffee, after which the drink is brought to a boil. Next, the milk is heated and mixed with coffee. Such ginger coffee can be drunk not only hot, but also cold.

Also, when preparing ginger coffee, you can use a variety of other spices - cinnamon, anise, cardamom, nutmeg, mint. The main thing is that the ready-made beverage corresponds to your tastes.

Green coffee with ginger - an effective remedy for losing weight

With ginger, not only the usual, friedcoffee, but also green coffee, which in itself is considered an effective tool for weight loss. Green coffee with ginger is better to drink 10-15 minutes before eating - it will help dull the feeling of hunger, and also accelerate the process of burning calories.