Coffee with milk: health benefits and harm, calorie content?

Coffee fans think that it should be drunk withoutsugar, milk and other additives. Like, only so you can feel the true taste. But this is not something everyone likes. Many coffee lovers prefer to add cream, spices, sugar, in a word, to whom they like what they like. One of the most popular coffee drinks is coffee with milk.

What for in coffee add milk

Black coffee has a bitter taste,thanks to tannins and caffeine. Sugar and milk soften bitterness, making the drink more pleasant. But not only to soften the taste, add milk. It slightly reduces the harmful effect of caffeine on the body. In addition, milk itself contains useful substances: vitamins, fats, trace elements, proteins, etc.

Where first coffee with milk appeared

The homeland of the drink is France. It was there that for the first time a portion of hot milk was added to black coffee. The new drink has become very popular over time in Europe and the USA. As for Russia, people there for a long time did not drink real coffee at all. The drink was only soluble, so to improve the taste, milk and sugar were often added to it. Now the taste of real coffee with the addition of milk is appreciated in our country.

Than useful milk

Milk is a source of digestible milk fat,protein, phosphorus and calcium. It also contains all the vitamins of group B, vitamin A, ascorbic acid. In it, you can find almost all the necessary mineral substances for man: zinc, iodine, selenium, sulfur, etc.

It is known that coffee for better absorption takes from the body calcium and B vitamins. So milk serves as an additional source of these substances.

Benefits of coffee beans

Scientists have broken spears for decadesseeking answers to the question: useful or harmful coffee. It is impossible to answer unequivocally here. Coffee has useful and harmful properties, in addition, it has both indications and contraindications. Probably, all business in observance of a measure. A small amount of a fragrant drink is unlikely to harm a healthy person.

Coffee grains contain more than a thousand differentchemical compounds. The main active ingredients are alkaloid caffeine, tannins, vitamin PP. Grains are rich in fiber, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and potassium. Calcium and phosphorus are found in coffee.

Caffeine: more useful than harmful

A small dose of caffeine has a positive effect onthe central nervous system. This substance excites the brain, reduces drowsiness, stimulates working capacity. Caffeine affects the heart, causing it to contract more often, increases the tone of the vessels. He also raises his mood for a short time. This is due to the fact that caffeine causes the brain to produce a hormone of joy. When the effect of caffeine ends, the mood falls and the body requires additional stimulation. So gradually getting used to caffeinated beverages. That's why you can not use coffee as a stimulant. A cup with a fragrant hot drink should be perceived as a treat, and not as a "pill for mood".

Caffeine is contraindicated in hypertensive patients with IHD. If there is a violation of the heart rate, then you can not drink coffee either. In the initial stage of hypertension with the permission of a doctor, you can drink 1 cup of coffee with milk. Milk somewhat softens the effect of caffeine on the vessels. However, if a small amount of coffee still raises the pressure, you will have to abandon it completely.

Caffeine stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and, therefore, coffee is contraindicated in ulcers and gastritis, especially in the stage of exacerbation.

Milk and coffee, how they interact

Milk and black coffee fit well betweenby yourself. Moreover, milk even improves the useful properties of coffee. As mentioned above, it softens the effect of caffeine, which means that coffee with milk can be drunk in small quantities by those people who are harmed by caffeine: adolescents, pregnant, elderly, people prone to insomnia. Also coffee with milk does not cause such a strong addiction, because the effect of caffeine in it is weaker.

Coffee with milk is not so goodin the morning. In addition, hot milk itself has a hypnotic effect. Those who want to wake up quickly, it is better to drink ordinary black coffee, and after dinner you can pamper yourself with a drink with the addition of milk.

It is useless to drink coffee with milk in order toto raise blood pressure. Milk does not allow caffeine to narrow the blood vessels. If the drink and help, then for a little while. At low pressure, it is better to drink a cup of black coffee.

The bitter taste of coffee is due to tannins. Milk binds these substances, so that the bitterness becomes less, the drink acquires a tender taste.

Who is harmful to drink coffee with milk

Black coffee even with the addition of milk can not be drunk with stomach ulcers and gastritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and tachycardia.

How to make coffee with milk

To prepare the beverage, first finely groundcoffee is brewed in a Turk. Then sugar and hot milk, spices, for example, cinnamon, vanilla, are added to it. This is a classic recipe. If espresso is cooked in a coffee machine, then milk is added there, then it's other drinks: latte, macchiato, etc.

Caloric content of coffee with milk

The calorie content of the finished beverage will depend on thethe amount of sugar and fat content of milk. Of course, it is better to take fatty milk, so it will be much tastier. Girls who are on a diet should not be afraid of fatty milk, it is easily digested, in addition, it is added to the cup a very small amount. But sugar is better to take less, because it is he who winds the caloric content.

So, the energy value must be calculateddepending on the ingredients. 100 g of boiled black coffee has a caloric content of 5-7 kcal. A teaspoon of sugar "weighs" 25-30 kcal. Milk standard of 3.2% fat content has 60 calories per 100g. Thus, a 100-gram cup of coffee with milk and 1 tablespoon of sugar will have about 60-70 kcal.

Coffee with milk is harmless, and for many a useful drink. You can safely drink it to anyone who has no contraindications.