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St.Moritz Caf? - A new line of coffee from Caf? Badilatti?

St.Moritz Caf? Is a new brand of coffee, which is represented by a well-known coffee maker, Caf? Badilatti. St.Moritz Caf line? Blends of premium class, many of which are made only to order - in the composition of such mixtures are very

Barista - bartender and sommelier in one person

Many unenlightened people believe that the differencesbetween the profession of a bartender and a barista is no. And if you translate the word from Italian, it means "a person standing behind a bar counter." But this is not a bartender. Barista is a highly qualified

Coffee with condensed milk: a recipe for cooking, calories?

Many coffee drinkers are sure that adding to a drinksugar, milk or spices can ruin the authentic taste and aroma of coffee. However, there are those who can not drink bitter black coffee, and many of this category are very fond of coffee with

Coffee: Beauty Surgery

Coffee is loved by everyone. But not everyone knows that this hot, sweet, strong drink contains some secrets. The fact is that coffee can not only save from drowsiness, cheer up and help brighten up the parties in the company

Gut! - good coffee for real gourmets?

Gut! This is the new name for Gutenberg coffee, which appeared after a recent rebranding. Even today, this brand is very popular in European countries - in large part due to the highest quality of the coffee presented under it. Gut! is produced in Germany by the company Wintergreen,

Coffee in Romanian - cocoa, sugar, salt and coffee?

If you want something delicious, thentry to make coffee in Romanian. Coffee on this recipe is sweet, airy, it's like dessert. Such a delicacy will be to the liking of all the sweet tooth, which the smell of the confectionery is driving mad. Coffee in Romanian:

Can coffee be made for children?

Children willingly follow the example of adults and tryall that, in their opinion, deserves interest. Including coffee. Many pediatricians are racking their brains over the question of whether coffee can be given to children and at what age it is permissible to drink toning

Coffee with whipped cream: recipe, calories?

If someone decides to calculate how muchthere are varieties of coffee, it will take quite a long time, since the list will not be limited to a dozen items. Today we decided to talk about coffee with whipped cream and tell how to prepare this fragrant drink. Coffee

Moulinex BCA 1.L1 Little Solea - a little helper for making coffee?

Miniature drip coffee maker Moulinex BCA 1.L1 Little Solea - an excellent choice for those who do not plan to spend a large amount to buy equipment for making coffee. At a very affordable price, this model has acceptable quality: durable, simple and

Coffee with honey - 4 recipes for a tasty and healthy drink?

Adding honey instead of sugar to coffee makesThe drink is not only more aromatic and tastier, but also more useful. In order not to be unfounded, let me discuss this topic today. You will learn about the benefits of coffee with honey, and