Is Esmeralda a real Colombian coffee?

Esmeralda coffee is produced by a Colombian factoryBuencaf? Liofilizado de Colombia, which is located in the heart of the region that grows coffee in Colombia. It is believed that this factory is one of the most modern in the world production of freeze-dried coffee. Currently, it produces several types of Esmeralda coffee, including classic, beskofainovy, as well as flavored (represented by a large selection of coffee with the addition of various flavors).

For the production of Esmeralda coffee is usedmodern technology, thanks to which it is possible to fully preserve the aroma and taste of fresh coffee. This technology is called Freeze Dried and involves obtaining a concentrated coffee extract made from ground coffee by fast freezing in a vacuum.

Thanks to the application of this technology,using only the best varieties, as well as strict quality control of coffee Esmeralda is very popular in many countries of the world. The manufacturer himself has repeatedly received prestigious quality awards, and now he is a member of the National Federation of Coffee Producers of Colombia, contributing to the development of coffee production in this country. All Esmeralda coffee passes a complex, 14-level quality test, so that only the best products get to the buyer.

In Russia Esmeralda coffee appeared relativelyRecently, however, thanks to the excellent taste and aroma for the sublimated product, it is already very popular today. Esmeralda refers to the average price group and fully justifies its value - this is a good choice for those who want to drink good coffee, without wasting time and energy to make it.