Gaggia - 3 collections of Italian coffee?

Gaggia is an Italian manufacturer of coffee machinespremium class. This company is well known in the international market - it offers only high-quality and modern solutions, creating a technique capable of preparing truly delicious coffee. In addition to coffee machines, Gaggia also produces coffee itself - ground, grain, and pre-packed in caddies. The assortment of coffee offered by this brand is not so great, but it certainly deserves attention.

The collection of Gaggia presents only 3 coffeeblending. This is Arabica, Decaffeinated and Intenso. Each of the coffee blends consists of coffee varieties selected on different continents so as to obtain a unique taste and aroma of real Italian coffee.

So, the mixture Arabica It contains grains from plantations from South and Central America, Intenso includes Indian robusta and Central American arabica. Decaffeinated Is a mixture that also consists of arabica and robusta. Thanks to a special technology, the content of caffeine in such coffee is minimized, and the taste and aroma of coffee are completely preserved.

Gaggia works in the coffee business forseveral decades. During this time the company not only acquired an impeccable reputation in the world market - it developed its own technologies for creating unique, true Italian coffee. Thanks to this, those who make a choice in favor of Gaggia, receive a magnificent, fragrant and really tasty invigorating drink.