Ideas for a small kitchen - a real design with a photo in 'Khrushchev'

Ideas for a small kitchen - a real design with a photo in the "Khrushchev"

Starting to repair in the apartment with horror you beginthink what to do with the kitchen, if it is small. After all, it's completely incomprehensible how to place on 5-8 square meters everything you need and make it beautiful and rational. We bring to your attention the real design of a small kitchen with a photo and want to share the secrets of expanding the space. Maybe you'll see for yourself a couple of curious ideas.

When creating a project of a renovated kitchen in a typicalKhrushchev was decided to demolish one wall. The design of the house allowed it and all permits were obtained. Thus, a small kitchen has become not just a part of the living room, but rather its complement. The designer was faced with the task of optimally organizing the space and using each centimeter as effectively as possible. The furniture for our regular kitchen was custom-made. Look at the photo, what happened.

U-shaped layout of the work area is very convenientfor the mistress. Everything you need is within walking distance. There was a full gas stove with oven, extractor hood, a fairly large and functional sink, a microwave, a coffee maker, a refrigerator and even a dishwasher. The desk is in front of the window, behind which spring chestnuts are blooming - a small bonus for the hostess. A practical solution is the height of most of the working area of ​​90 cm. It is quite convenient and ergonomic. The refrigerator fits nicely into the newly formed niche from the former doorway and now does not take up much space.

The furniture for this small kitchen was madeto order, although you could buy a kitchen corner. In this compact kitchen set, the designer was very good at combining aesthetics and practicality. Many convenient drawers, lockers, railing, vyvvezhnye sections and open shelves of semicircular shape help to maintain an ideal order and maximize the use of free space. There is room for a 19 liter bottle of water. The color of the facades is light: pearly, many glossy surfaces and glossy tiles on the apron - this is perhaps the simplest and right solution for a small kitchen.

Lighting gives the small kitchen an ease andharmony due to daylight, which flows through a window that is not closed by a curtain. Built-in lamps in the hood and a lamp under the ceiling illuminate the kitchen in the dark.

The dining table is placed in the living room, and in the kitchenthere is a small table, behind which you can quickly have a snack. It does not clutter up space, and a chair with a chrome-plated backrest fits perfectly into the design. An excellent example of this - these photos.

How it does not seem strange, but the majoritymodern kitchens - small. And when viewing the magazine with fashionable interiors, your own kitchen - "baby" may seem inadequate. But a really good design can be called one when even in a small kitchen of a typical Khrushchev it was possible to fit everything you need, and in addition make it stylish, functional and cozy. And importantly, if you yourself act as a designer, it will help you to save.