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Geyser coffee makers: the history of creation, the principle of action, advice on choosing a French press, dignity, shortcomings, advice from a barista


The first design of the geyser coffee machine was inventedJacques-Augustine Gunde in 1827. It consisted of two vessels connected by a tube and separated by a filter. This system has not changed over time, but the heating has become electric. In his homeland in Italy, this coffee maker is called: Moka Express or Moka Pot. In Russia, it was named after the geyser, because the process of making coffee reminds a geyser.

Differences and types of geyser coffee makers

There are two types of geyser coffee machines:

Without built-in heating, they simply put on the stove like a kettle.

Operating principle:

Geyser coffee maker operates according to the principlefiltering. It consists of a metal vessel for water, a filter-compartment for ground coffee and a container for ready-made coffee. The cooking process takes place over low heat. Boiling water under the pressure of steam rises through the tube and, passing through the ground coffee, is brewed and enters the upper container. Water absorbs much more substances from coffee beans than with a drip method. But as the boiling water is filtered, the flavor of the drink is lost. Geyser coffee makers create a pressure of 1.5 bar, models with a special valve up to 4 bar.

A detailed description of the method of making coffee in a geyser coffee machine =>

When choosing a coffee maker, pay attention to:

Power electric geyser coffee maker (450-1000 W). A larger capacity of the coffee machine is required.
Capacity of the coffee machine . Geyser coffee machines work only with fullload, so determine in advance the amount of coffee that you are going to boil. Marking the number of cups in Italian-made coffee makers often does not meet the expectations of Russian consumers. In Italy, coffee is drunk very small cups, so it will be appropriate to write a number of cups to multiply the volume by two.

Additional options: heat insulating handle, glass top compartment, auto power off, metal filter, coffee strength regulator, adjustable thermostat, programmable digital timer.


Simplicity and convenience in use.
The taste of coffee, cooked in a geyser coffee machine, wins compared to a drink made in a drip coffee machine.
Optimal price-quality ratio.
Small size.
A geyser coffee machine that does not need electricity can be used in field conditions, at the cottage.
The ability instead of coffee to make tea or medicinal herbs.


The amount of coffee produced depends on the size of the geyser coffee machine. If the coffee machine is designed for 2 cups of coffee, then you need to always cook two servings.
With infrequent use, aluminum coffee makers oxidize and adversely affect the taste of coffee.
Absence of foam (cream).
Geyser coffee machines are equipped with grinders, it is necessary to use already ground coffee.

Baristas advice:

To improve the aroma of grind coffee beans just before cooking, use coarse grinding to 0.6 mm. A fine grind can be clogged by a filter of a geyser coffee machine.