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Coffee in Croatian - preparing for a long time?

Surely you are used to the fact that real coffeemust be strong and necessarily hot. Even if you do not drink a drink served with heat from the heat and wait until it cools down to an acceptable temperature, you still think,

Dishes for coffee and coffee cocktails. In what cups to serve coffee correctly.

Dishes for serving coffee. In what cups and glasses it is customary to serve coffee and coffee drinks In order to fully experience the taste of coffee, it is necessary to take a very careful look at the choice of dishes for serving coffee. "Ideal"

Drinking filtered coffee - how to choose a coffee maker for home?

Filtered coffee, considered one of the mostsafe and easy-to-prepare among all coffee drinks, can be obtained with a conventional drip coffee machine (or filter coffee machine). Such devices are quite common, and all of them work on the same one

Condiments for coffee - complete freedom of creativity?

Coffee is a drink, the preparation of which inIn most cases, it is necessary to strictly adhere to a certain technology. At the same time, in some moments it is coffee that gives a very gourmet a very significant freedom of creativity. In particular, it is manifested in the possibility

Quindio - grain coffee for lovers of Colombian arabica?

Quindio is Colombian coffee, whichis produced in the homonymous municipality (Quindio), in the city of Armenia. This production is family, traditions of quality are passed down from generation to generation, thanks to which Quindio coffee has an excellent reputation. It is grown on high-mountainous

Coffee in Thai is a cold drink with invigorating properties?

It is believed that the Thais - not too big mastersin the preparation of coffee, but the traditional Thai recipe for an invigorating drink, undoubtedly, deserves attention. Aromatic, spicy, tart, this drink is served cold. Especially it is good in the heat: Thai coffee allows you to quickly cheer up.

Tefal 8100 coffee grinder - attractive design and low noise level?

Tefal 8100 is a coffee grinder that hasaffordable price and a good "reputation" in the Russian market. This model has minimal functionality, but at the same time it copes well with its main purpose - high-quality, homogeneous grinding of coffee. Closing lid

Decaffeinated coffee is a necessary alternative to an invigorating drink?

Caffeine has become widely known for coffeerelatively recently, but the technology itself decaffeinated coffee has existed since the beginning of the XX century. As early as 1903, the German Ludwig Rosemus invented a method that allows extracting caffeine from coffee beans so that the coffee itself

Kemex - the original way of making coffee?

Making coffee with kemexa allowsget a drink with a particularly delicate taste, a deep fragrance and a moderate strength. Such coffee has been very popular in recent years. Currently, it is ubiquitously prepared in Canada and the US, and, following

Why are coffee served with water: there are several reasons?

On the tradition of drinking coffee with cold water knowmany, however, not everyone knows where she went from. It is assumed that the homeland of this custom is Ancient Greece - historians say that it was here that the first time for coffee, cooked in Turkish, served cold