Kemex - the original way of making coffee?

Making coffee with kemexa allowsget a drink with a particularly delicate taste, a deep fragrance and a moderate strength. Such coffee has been very popular in recent years. Currently, it is ubiquitously prepared in Canada and the US, and, following their Western counterparts, some Russian coffee houses have also begun offering coffee made at Kemer.

Kemeks is a vessel, a glass flask, in shaperesembling an hourglass. When preparing coffee in the upper part of it, a filter is inserted into which ground coffee is poured. After that, hot water is poured onto the coffee, which gradually passes through the coffee powder. When using this method, coffee compares with oxygen for a relatively long time, which helps to soften its taste. Water should be spilled through ground coffee at a certain rate, and then using kemeksa will ensure not only a lack of characteristic coffee bitterness, but also a moderate strength of the drink.

The use of kemeksa requires some experience: to obtain a qualitative result it is important to accurately withstand a certain time, the degree of grinding and the volume of water. It is believed that the brewing coffee in the kemex should be spent about 4 minutes.

Making coffee in kemeyx

The first step is to install a filter ingem. The paper filter should be shaped into a funnel, placed afterwards in the top of the flask and gently moistened with hot water so that the filter takes the form of a "bell" of the cake. Hot water should then be drained through the spout of the kemexa, without removing the filter (it may not come back up). After that, 30 grams of medium grind coffee is placed in the filter, 60 ml of hot water is poured onto the coffee, which must pass through the filter in 60 seconds. Then 460 ml of water should be added to the kemex. This portion of water must be poured in slowly, in a thin stream, which should fall into the center of the filter. The infusion of water into the kemex should take 2 minutes 20 seconds, in just 4 minutes it should completely leak inside.

If the time has gone more, then the milling wastoo small. On the contrary, if the water has passed through the filter in less than 4 minutes, then coffee was used that was too coarse. After all the water has seeped through the filter, it must be removed from the cake, and the coffee in the vessel is stirred a little, gently shaking it with slow circular motions. Then the coffee can be poured into cups.