Coffee in Croatian - preparing for a long time?

Surely you are used to the fact that real coffeemust be strong and necessarily hot. Even if you do not drink a drink served with heat from the heat and wait until it cools down to an acceptable temperature, you still think that you have to serve smoking coffee, right? And here coffee in Croatian violates all the traditional rules of cooking and when served well has a very uncommon look and even consistency. Interesting? Then let's try to make coffee in Croatian, the more so it's not at all difficult.

Coffee in Croatian: recipe

We need the following ingredients:

2 tablespoons ground coffee or 200 ml strong freshly brewed coffee;
200 ml of fresh milk;
4 teaspoons brown sugar.

By itself, the recipe for making coffeein Croatian very simple, you do not need much time. But nevertheless, this coffee should be prepared in advance - from the beginning of cooking until the filing must pass a minimum of 30 minutes, or better - an hour.

First of all, we cook simple strong coffee according to our usual recipe.
After that, take the ice molds and pour the coffee into them.
After the coffee turns into ice, take it out by lowering the mold for a few seconds into warm water.
Half the frozen coffee is ground in a blender and laid out on coffee glasses, there we send whole cubes of coffee.
Pour cold milk on glasses and sprinkle with sugar. Coffee is ready in Croatian!