Coffee in Thai is a cold drink with invigorating properties?

It is believed that the Thais - not too big mastersin the preparation of coffee, but the traditional Thai recipe for an invigorating drink, undoubtedly, deserves attention. Aromatic, spicy, tart, this drink is served cold. Especially it is good in the heat: Thai coffee allows you to quickly cheer up.

Coffee in Thai: recipe

We will need:

a quarter tablespoon of coriander,
cardamom in pods (4-5 pods),
2 teaspoons ground coffee,
Sugar to taste,
whipped cream to taste,


Ground coffee is mixed with coriander and cardamom and cooked in a Turkish.
After that, sugar is added to the drink.
Coffee is cooled and poured into cups.
Then ice cubes are thrown into the cups, and the drink is topped with whipped cream.