Tefal 8100 coffee grinder - attractive design and low noise level?

Tefal 8100 is a coffee grinder that hasaffordable price and a good "reputation" in the Russian market. This model has minimal functionality, but at the same time it copes well with its main purpose - high-quality, homogeneous grinding of coffee. The lid closed tank holds 85 grams of grains, which is enough to grind coffee into several portions of the drink. The coffee grinder has a pulse mode of operation, which allows grinding in it not only coffee beans, but also more solid products. In addition, this model has protection against overheating.

The key advantages of Tefal 8100 are:design and low noise in operation. Outwardly, this model wins comparison with many analogues from its price category: smooth lines, aesthetic design, elegant rounded forms - the design paid much attention to the design of the Tefal 8100. The coffee grinder practically silently works, that does its use in house conditions especially convenient.

At the same time, the operation of the Tefal 8100has a number of features. The first is that the owner will have to get used to the large body of the grinder, which does not fit in one hand: the working Tefal 8100 will have to be held with two hands, which at first may seem uncomfortable. The second feature concerns the care: it is better to use special brushes for cleaning the grinder, in no case should you use wet rags or sponges.

In addition, we will have to get used to howopens the lid: because of the increased volume of the coffee tank, its "neck" is too wide. If you open the lid too sharply, ground coffee can wake up, so it's best to proceed as carefully as possible. Finally, the milling itself: Tefal 8100 has no grinding adjustment, therefore, in fact, it will be necessary to achieve the desired result by experience. On a thin Tefal 8100 spends quite a lot of time, and this must be taken into account: otherwise the coffee will simply be "milled", and the milling itself may turn out to be non-uniform.

This specificity may seem to many to be a sourceserious discomfort, but the owners of Tefal 8100, familiar with all these "wisdoms", argue that this coffee grinder fully justifies its price and can be a good choice. Low noise level at work, beautiful design and good quality of grinding become weighty arguments in its favor.