Drinking filtered coffee - how to choose a coffee maker for home?

Filtered coffee, considered one of the mostsafe and easy-to-prepare among all coffee drinks, can be obtained with a conventional drip coffee machine (or filter coffee machine). Such apparatuses are quite common, all of which operate on the same principle: water from a special reservoir is fed along its heating circuit, slowly and without pressure is passed into the previously filled powder, after which the beverage passes through the filter and enters the cup or coffee pot.

Which coffee maker to choose for home

In the selection of such coffee makers need to take into account not soThere are many parameters, but each of them is important in its own way. So, the capacity of the water tank determines how many cups of coffee can be cooked at a time. It is better to count no more than 1-2 cups and choose small coffee machines, calculated at +/- 150 ml. This requirement is due to the fact that coffee should fall on the table fresh. At the same time filtered coffee is cooked long enough, which means that the more cups are cooked at a time, the worse will be the overall quality of the drink.

The second, not less important point is the availability offilter for water and filter type for ready-made coffee. With a water filter, everything is simple: it is needed if it is assumed that the water used to make the beverage will not be of good quality. If the owner of the coffee maker plans to brew coffee exclusively on spring water or already purified water, then there is no need for this component.

The filter for coffee is the most important element of the drip coffee machine. Currently, there are three main typessuch filters: paper, gold and nylon. Paper filters are disposable, which is convenient enough in the process of using (coffee is removed along with a filter from the coffee machine, so it is easier to care for it). Nylon filters are more durable and are designed for several dozen brews. "Golden" filters are reinforced nylon, have a longer service life, but at the same time are more expensive to replace.

Finally, in the choice of a drip coffee machine, you must pay attention to the availability of additional functions, each of which can make use ofthis technique is more convenient. In particular, many coffee makers have water level indicators, overflow protection (do not allow coffee to pour from the coffee pot, stopping the cooking process when the container is full). Moreover, some, especially "smart" units can prompt their master the optimal dosage of coffee.

Drinking coffee makers in principle arerather simple devices, and therefore to expect much from them in terms of technical excellence is not necessary - they just make coffee, and do it very well, despite its low price.