Dishes for coffee and coffee cocktails. In what cups to serve coffee correctly.

Dishes for serving coffee. In what cups and glasses it is accepted to serve coffee and coffee drinks

In order to fully experience the taste of coffee, you need to take a very careful look at the choice dishes for serving coffee . "Ideal" dishes for coffee and coffee cocktails must perform several functions at once: keep the taste and aroma of the drink (due to its shape and low thermal conductivity of the material), be comfortable and certainly meet the aesthetic taste - after all, any dish becomes much "tastier" if its file in the beautiful crockery .

To serve coffee use coffee cups (coffee couples) , and glasses for coffee .
Many people are deceived, believing that coffee cup simply should be less familiar tea, so often coffee cups choose on the principle of "less, graceful, beautiful". However, when choosing utensils , nevertheless it is necessary to be guided not only by the principle "it looks beautiful". How to choose the right coffee cup and what they are and we want to tell.

Cup for espresso
As a rule, white a cup of thick-walled high-quality porcelain, covered with a stable enamel, preferably elliptical shape, truncated inside.
Volume: 35-40 or 50-70 ml.

Classic coffee cup espresso and in diameter, and in height - only 5 cm. It is this cup , due to the large heat capacity and unique shape, gives an opportunity to appreciate the aroma, softness and magnificent foam of the drink. Remember that before filling calyx it is necessary to heat. In this case, the optimum temperature of the beverage is provided and its taste improves.

Selection coffee (cups and saucers) , volume utensils and the material from which it is made depend, inter alia, on way of making coffee (see also « Types of coffee drinks" ).

Cup for cappuccino

According to the form and material, a cup is similar a cup for espresso , but a larger volume.
Volume: 140-220 ml.

Ideal for serving coffee espresso, cappuccino and Americano - white cup of thick-walled high-quality porcelain, covered with a stable enamel, preferably elliptical shape, truncated inside.

Cups vary in volume - for serving coffee Espresso a small cup , about 50 ml; coffee Cappuccino usually served in cups larger volume, about 120 ml; normal volume coffee cup in the Americano coffee pot - 180-200 ml. If we arrange coffee cups "Espresso", "Cappuccino" and "Americano" in ascending order, then Americano cup will be the largest in size.

Mug for filter coffee or American coffee
According to the form and material, Cup is similar a cup for espresso , but a larger volume.
Volume: 220-230 ml.

Ristretto is served in classic espresso cup , espresso lungo and doppio - in cup for cappuccino .
The most stylish is considered coffee pair , consisting of a white coffee cup without any reliefs, drawings or inscriptions, and similar white saucers . White color effectively contrasts with a dark color coffee , creating a successful color combination. Particularly beautiful looks coffee in "glossy" cups - a reflection of light on the surface cups gives the moment the element of solemnity.

For serving coffee cocktails You will need a completely different dishes - special glasses and cocktail glasses . Cocktail Utensils should be made of heat-resistant glass - cocktails based on coffee there are both hot and cold. When preparing cold cocktails glasses and glasses often pre-cooled in the refrigerator.

Glass of Latte Glass (Latte glass)
Tall wineglass , maybe with a pen. Wineglass is made of heat-resistant glass, which allows a long time to keep the drink hot.
Volume: 150 - 300 ml.

Highball Glass (Highball / Toggle)
Tall glass , the correct cylindrical shape, it is smaller in size than Collins glass , but much more than Shot . Wineglass serves for "long drinks" (large drinks that drink long and through a straw), as well as any non-alcoholic drinks.
Volume: The standard is a volume of 270 ml. (9 ounces)

Glass Collins Glass (Glass Collins)
Almost the most common form goblet . Its form glass differs little from Haybollah . Collins a little higher and narrower. To a certain degree, Collins glass is the average between Haybolom and a glass of Zombies .
Volume: standard - 130 ml. (4.5 ounces)

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Glass of Old Fashioned Glass (Glass of Old Feshen.Roks / old-fashioned glass)
Standard, unrestricted glass .
The standard is a volume of 120-240 ml. (4-8 ounces).

Glass of Irish Coffee Cup (Glass for Irish coffee / Irish glass)

Wineglass elegant, with a handle made of heat-resistant glass, on a short stalk, usually with a skirt. It is customary to serve hot cocktails , which include, for example, coffee in Irish , grog, mulled wine, hot punches and crocheted. Volume: the most common is 180-200 ml (6 ounces), but there are also tall glasses up to 360 ml.

Glass of Goblet (Goblet / Cup)
Used wineglass for mixed drinks. In form, it is a bit like a tulip, and its slightly curved edge makes it convenient to hook on the jewelry for it cocktails . Goblites there are not only cocktail , but also wine and beer.
Volume: 200-285 ml.
Glass of Hurricane Glass (Hurricane / Hurricane)
Wineglass , similar to an elegant vase, is designed for exotic cocktails large volume. The legs of such goblets usually executed in an original way: in the form of a cube, ball, or other geometric figure. Used for the same name cocktails based on fruit syrups and rum.
Currently, several types of products are produced and used goblets , differing in volume:
- 230 ml - small wineglass , less volume is usually not done,
- 440 ml - often used wineglass this volume,
- 650 ml - large and rare a glass of hurricane .
A strictly defined volume scale for Hurricane does not exist. You can meet, depending on the manufacturer, different volumes. But in general, glasses less than 230 ml and more than 650 ml or (7 - 23 ounces) are not used.

Glass of Margarita Glass (Margarita)
The glass is designed for cocktail party Margarita , in all his hypostases.
Volume: The standard is a volume of 350-380 ml. (12 ounces)

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Glass of Coupette Glass (Buy)
Variety glasses for Margarita , with a wide neck, for wetting with salt.
Volume: The standard is a volume of 350-380 ml. (12 ounces)

Glass of Pousse Cafe Cup (Puss Cafe - Glass for layered cocktails)
Extruded in shape, and slightly enlarged in the volume of a variety of liqueur cups . Its shape contributes to the settling of heavy liquids, allowing the creation of multi-layer cocktails , pouring in gradually the components with decreasing density.
Volume: standard is the volume of 50 ml. (1.5 ounces)

Glass of Parfait Glass (Parfait / Dessert)
Extruded, expanded from above, often faceted glass made of thick glass, designed for cocktails based on parfait or ice cream.

Volume: The standard is a volume of 120-130 ml. (4 ounces)

Glass of Frappe glass (Frappe)
Very similar in form to a glass of "Parfait" but it contains exactly twice as much liquid. It usually serves liqueurs (sometimes other alcoholic beverages) mixed with ice.
Volume: 250 ml.
If you move, and you pack things, pay special attention to glass glasses and porcelain cups. It is best to wrap or lay a soft cloth or paper.