Condiments for coffee - complete freedom of creativity?

Coffee is a drink, the preparation of which inIn most cases, it is necessary to strictly adhere to a certain technology. At the same time, in some moments it is coffee that gives a very gourmet a very significant freedom of creativity. In particular, it manifests itself in the possibility of using a number of additives that can significantly change the taste of the drink. Among them there are both traditional and familiar to each of us sugar, and quite exotic seasonings, among which - alcohol, syrups or various seasonings.

What condiments are suitable for coffee

So, a few drops of alcoholic beverage,added to coffee, can change its taste beyond recognition. Spicy tinctures, liqueurs, cognacs, brandy and even vodka - all this perfectly harmonizes with the taste of coffee and gives it warmth on one side, and on the other - sharpness. It is worth highlighting non-alcoholic additives-syrups. Their range of tastes is wide enough, from vanilla or caramel to cherry or strawberry. One teaspoon of this syrup will not only make the coffee more sweet, but it will give it a completely new taste.

However, no less interesting additive is the most ordinary sugar. By removing the bitterness, it gives the sweetness to the coffeedrink, and also reduces the hardness of water. Another traditional addition is chocolate. Depending on the variety, it can make coffee more bitter or more tender, just sweeten the drink or give its taste a special depth and warmth. Chocolate can not only dissolve in coffee, but also be used in the form of powder or shavings - in this case, they are sprinkled with cream, so that coffee gets not only new shades of taste, but also an attractive appearance.

Finally, coffee perfectly complement almost all fruits. Most often in the preparation of such a drinkused citrus fruits, pineapples, bananas or peaches. Fruits can be added to the coffee in pieces, in fresh form, or in the form of essences. Especially interesting effect gives the preparation of coffee with a citrus peel. Forest or garden berries, crushed with a mixer and seasoned with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, anise, ginger, etc. can also be an excellent additive to coffee. However, all of the above seasonings can be used on their own, but remember that they should take quite a bit to just complement the taste of coffee, but do not drown it.

No less interesting effect is the addition of nuts. For coffee, coconut, forest, almond, walnuts can be used - they are usually ground into powder and brewed together with ground grains.

The last traditional seasoning, which is worth mentioning - is milk or cream. Added to coffee, they soften its taste,make it more gentle, remove the bitterness. In addition, with the use of milk is prepared a lot of specific "cocktails", which have long ago become independent types of coffee. A typical example of such a mixture is cappuccino, which is very popular all over the world.