Quindio - grain coffee for lovers of Colombian arabica?

Quindio is Colombian coffee, whichis produced in the homonymous municipality (Quindio), in the city of Armenia. This production is family, traditions of quality are passed down from generation to generation, thanks to which Quindio coffee has an excellent reputation.

It is grown on high-altitude plantations,is collected manually, and the processing and roasting processes are carried out under strict quality control. Thanks to this, Quindio coffee acquires a great taste and aroma: rich, expressive, piquant. Here it is worth noting that the production process itself is carried out according to modern technologies, which makes it possible to have confidence in the quality of coffee.

Quindio refers to the average price category,but the aroma and taste of this coffee are worthy of the highest praise. Currently, the manufacturer offers ground and grain coffee, as well as products made on its basis - mainly desserts and confectionery products, which are also very popular.