Why are coffee served with water: there are several reasons?

On the tradition of drinking coffee with cold water knowmany, however, not everyone knows where she went from. It is assumed that the homeland of this custom is Ancient Greece - historians say that it was here that for the first time cold water was poured into Turkish-style coffee. This was done so that a person who drinks coffee could cool down and refresh himself a bit - after all, coffee enhances tone, and in Greece itself it is quite hot.

It is interesting that the Turks were interested in thisthe custom is not immediately - to drink coffee with cold water in Turkey began only after several decades. Even later, this tradition reached Europe - it was "invented" again in Vienna, where, respectively, already Viennese coffee began to accompany cold water.

In Europe and in the south, coffee with water is drunk differently. Europeans prefer to alternate the throats of an invigorating drink and cool water, while in the south water is drunk only after it has finished the coffee. This is due to the fact that when using such methods, water gives a different effect.

When alternating sips of coffee and water, the receptors are cleared, each sip turns out to be as bright as the first. If water is drunk in small sips after coffee, it helps not only to cheer up, but also to freshen up. However, the impression of the coffee itself, of course, the water does not affect.

Why do you need to drink coffee with water? There are several reasons for this at once.

1. Bright taste. Water helps to purify the taste buds, so that every sip of coffee is as delicious as the first.

2. Control over pressure. As you know, coffee can increase the pressure. Water helps to minimize this effect - every sip of a cool liquid slightly weakens the effect of caffeine and knocks down pressure, and also normalizes the rhythm of the heart.

3. Whiteness of teeth. Coffee stains tooth enamel, resulting init acquires a darker shade. Water helps prevent this. Taking a sip of water after each sip of coffee, you will wash off the pigment immediately, until it has absorbed.

What kind of water is better to drink with coffee?

Usually coffee is filtered orboiled water, it should be cool. There are also different variations: for example, you can add lemon juice to the water or drink from coffee, not ordinary, but mineral or carbonated water. In general, this is a matter of taste, and there are no strict requirements for choosing water for coffee drinking.