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Drinking filtered coffee - how to choose a coffee maker for home?

Filtered coffee, considered one of the mostsafe and easy-to-prepare among all coffee drinks, can be obtained with a conventional drip coffee machine (or filter coffee machine). Such devices are quite common, and all of them work on the same one

Condiments for coffee - complete freedom of creativity?

Coffee is a drink, the preparation of which inIn most cases, it is necessary to strictly adhere to a certain technology. At the same time, in some moments it is coffee that gives a very gourmet a very significant freedom of creativity. In particular, it is manifested in the possibility

Decaffeinated coffee is a necessary alternative to an invigorating drink?

Caffeine has become widely known for coffeerelatively recently, but the technology itself decaffeinated coffee has existed since the beginning of the XX century. As early as 1903, the German Ludwig Rosemus invented a method that allows extracting caffeine from coffee beans so that the coffee itself

Kemex - the original way of making coffee?

Making coffee with kemexa allowsget a drink with a particularly delicate taste, a deep fragrance and a moderate strength. Such coffee has been very popular in recent years. Currently, it is ubiquitously prepared in Canada and the US, and, following

Why are coffee served with water: there are several reasons?

On the tradition of drinking coffee with cold water knowmany, however, not everyone knows where she went from. It is assumed that the homeland of this custom is Ancient Greece - historians say that it was here that the first time for coffee, cooked in Turkish, served cold

Instant coffee - is there a difference?

Despite the fact that the number of fansnatural, boiled coffee in Russia is growing every year, the most popular in our country is still soluble coffee - about 80% of sales falls on this type of coffee. Russia is

How to brew coffee in a Turk - a delicate foam, a magnificent aroma, rich taste?

There are many recipes for making coffeein the Turkish, and almost every fan of this drink uses his own, unique and honed by the years "technique." At the same time, there are several general principles for making coffee in the Turkish, which must be observed

Basics of coffee art: how to make espresso?

The word "espresso" has two translation options: compressed, cooked under pressure, or - fast. Both of them are true - this kind of coffee is really brewed under certain pressure, and the cooking process and the drinking ritual should not take much time.

Roasting coffee - a complex technology, experience and a little bit of intuition?

Roasting is, perhaps, the most mysterious andmystical stage of making coffee. It is believed that no one can accurately describe the technology of roasting coffee beans, teach "from scratch" it is impossible, and the result is achieved only by experience, intuition and

Than you melyesh, or how to choose a coffee grinder for the house?

Self-preparation of coffee "from and to"requires that in the access of the fan of this drink there is a whole inventory, each of the items of which needs careful and, most importantly, the right choice. Do not become an exception and a coffee grinder. It would seem, to choose a device,